NDT-examinations for the industry

Nondest Oy operates from its Kokkola and Oulu offices all over Finland. We offer ndt-examinations for industrial needs. Our qualified inspectors can do the following ndt-examinations:

  • Ultrasonic examination
  • Thickness measuring
  • X-ray / Digital X-ray examination
  • Material analysis
  • Inspection of welding examinations / x-ray / bend-break tests
  • Corrosion x-ray examination
  • Liquid penetrant examination
  • Magnetic particle examination
  • Visual examination

Quality work with quality equipments

The equipments we use have been inspected and calibrated according to the EN-standards. For radiation work, we have a license from the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Stuk), number 5608/L1/09.

Our personnel have been qualified to carry out the Ndt-examinations on new pressure equipments (PED).  The standards related to our work may in some cases be unfamiliar to our clients, therefore we are glad to help our clients to become familiar with them. With professionalism and co-operation we will be able to carry out the needed inspections properly and on a right time. This way the work will also be cost-effective.

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