Radiography and other nondestructive testing methods

Nondest Oy is a company specialized in industrial NDT-examinations, founded in 2009. Indepence of the ownership guarantees objective results from the examinations.

The company personnel have over 20 years of experience from ndt-operations. The experience includes pressure equipments from nuclear power plants as well as engineering workshops making steel constructions. A lot of experience has also been gained from yearly shutdowns of paper and pulp mills as well as from energy power plants.

We operate across Finland

Our offices are located in Kokkola and Oulu. In addition to Oulu and Kokkola, we operate across Finland. We use modern testing methods and as a novelty have a PMI material analyzer and a digital CR x-ray equipment in use. With these equipments the results from examinations can be get immediately, for example at the installation site. Nondest Oy has a liability insurance for operations

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